Vomiting for children – the cause and treatment methods


Children are overwhelmed by vomiting in summer. Especially in the crowded areas where the water is stagnant and the health effects of the vomiting, the vomiting develops more and more. Commonly, vomiting can be caused by criminals in drinking water. Summer heat or seasonal change does not cause vomiting.

Rhoda virus (40%) is caused by bacterial antibiotics and is often caused by this disease.

Such germs can cause ulcer in the baby’s gut. Due to the fetus, the water in the body is wasted and the baby becomes tired.

The reasons for the child’s health are bad

1. Water in the water (dehydration)

2. The child does not get through the mouth through the mouth.

3. Keeping the balance.

4. Provide food items to children.

 Foods to give birth to a baby

1.ORS Sugar, salt solution is very good for the baby, which is the source of water (electral, relyte ors).

2. Breastfeeding can lead to a child going to school.

3.Pulberry should not be used. The food should be given in the spoon or in the milk.

4. Give food to the baby and give it slowly in the ORS spoon. Give a spoon rate of one minute.

5.Aarasi kanji, idli, idiyapampam, aurut kanji, barley ganji, javarisuri ganji.

6. Mash can be cooked for a savory banana.

7. Cucumber – Very good for baby going to bed.

8. Prepare a variety of juice, bananas and apples which are prepared in clean water.

9. Fresh yogurt, buttermilk.

10. The baby will have at least 5 nurses. The baby will soon be able to rejuvenate and give proper food to the child by losing weight.


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