Kidney problems – Causes and Solutions


Man is essential for survival. We can live life in full only if the kidney system effectively performs the task of evacuating our organs. Sharing explanations and solutions to problems here are definitely useful for you!

Two kidneys, urinary tube, plater, muscles that control urine and urine are called kidneys. The kidney zone balances the water and minerals in the body along with the lungs, skin and the intestine.

More than 18 years old will spend about one and a half lit a day. But this can vary depending on the drinking water and drinks, and the water in the sweat and breathing air. The amount of excretion of urine exceeds some medications.

Diabetes, bleeding, family already having a kidney problem and those over 60 years of age are more likely to develop the disease in the kidney system. If you have any problem with urinating, it is best to get medical advice without delay.

How Does Kidney Zone Work?

The digestive system takes away the food from the food and leaves the waste products in blood and in the intestines.

When the kidneys go to the kidneys, the waste is filtered and the water goes into the bladder with urine with water. Muscle and nerves play an important role in preventing urinary problems from getting higher.

The urine is excreted from the bladder by the bud of the urator. The urine protects the muscles from the outside. The nerves in the platter show us how to urinate.

If a person’s platter is active, it can hold up to 600 to 800 ml of urine. Though 150 to 300 ml of the urine flat, the urinary tract causes the urination.

What causes problems in the kidney system?

Problems usually occur only because of aging and adrenalin in the kidneys.

As kidneys become older, the kidneys do not effectively remove waste.

At aging, muscle and hip muscles in urator, plater and uratra may lose their strength. Hence the urine will not be able to effectively control or correctly eliminate it. This will cause urination in the unwanted time. Often the infection can occur.

What kind of doctor should you approach?

Approach a psychiatrist. Nephrologist will deal with diseases in the kidneys. The Urologist will correct the problems in the kidney system and genital organs. Women’s special physician can fix certain problems in women’s kidneys.

How to deal with kidney problems caused by sugar?

Keep sugar levels in the blood.
Blood pressure should be controlled.
Some types of drugs can be prevented by the kidneys. Ask the doctor about this.
Consume the right foods for your health problems. Dietician advice is good.
Make urine and blood tests by the doctor’s advice once a year.
Consider the doctor’s advice if pain pills are frequently needed.
If you have any trouble with urination, consult your doctor without delay.

How Yoga Helps

Patient exercises, pranayama exercises and meditation can keep the body healthy and keep the hip muscles in the kidney muscle muscles to prevent and control. This can greatly control the problems of urinary tract.
A study has suggested that people with early stroke cancers have been able to shift to short-term gene and cancer cells by yogic practice and vegetarian food.

Natural tips:

  1. Kidneys and gallbladder will be purified with pudding sodium
  2. 50 grams of small amounts per 1 ml of 100 ml phosphate
  3. 50 grams of small amounts, small intestines. Mammalways, Peramutiviriru, 50 grams and 5 in 1 kg
  4. Nitrogenous tissue removes 25 ml dyes 4 times
  5. Nitrogen Radiation Surinam 1 Thermodynamic hot water can be healed by aerobic diseases
  6. Banana cheese is cooked twice in the diet twice a week
  7. The kidney stones will be dissolved to eat honey in basil.
  8. Kidney rubber shells are ready to eat and drink.
  9. The kidney stones, the throat, the water, the mucus and the tissues of the kidneys to dissolve.
  10. Cobbler 7, the lobster will not be able to eat 2,3 times without lime.
  11. Spray the leaf and let it taste the heart, spleen and kidneys.
  12. 30 ml powdery mildew, kidney failure, water crimes are harmful.
  13. The nutmegu seed is fried in the water and diluted with water from the cotton to boil in the morning. Saddlebubu, Kallu, white will come.
  14. Grams of pineapples often eat pineapple.
  15. The golden gravy breaks down at 2 o’clock.

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