Housework for babies


Any parent cannot tolerate his child’s illness. Even if it is a minor health problem, it will try to get rid of it. It is also a fear of the dull coughing of children.

Little children will suffer if they do not get hot. The throat is dry, burning, and burning. Sin, these kids do not know what the problem is. They will be dark. The American Academy of Pediatrics says, “Diarrhea cure drugs are worse than coughing. It should not recommend these medicines to children under the age of 6 “.

What’s the way to this dull cough? There is definitely way. Using our home care, children can get rid of cough.

Cough is a natural phenomenon of the body. It is a reflex action that pushes the air out of the nostrils. But if the dull cough does not go out of the cold. This throat cough, which can cause irritation of the throat, pain in the chest, persistent chest inflammation. It will also start this problem in the evening and let it go to sleep at night.

Causes of dry cough

If you have this cold problem, your baby will be getting dull cough. There will be a nasal illness. Saline infection is good for home remedies.

Flu (flu)

Some viruses come with coughing. This will take some time to get better.

Group (croop)

This is a problem with the virus. Stressed cough. The noise will be cumbersome. The respiratory tract may be swollen. This will cause drying cough.


Comes with smoke, chemical, paint in the air. This affects children too.

Warming Cough (Whooping)

Nose and throat bacterial infections. Breathe more difficult than breathing.

It is good to go to the doctor if you have problems with the children within six months.

Home medicine for dry cough cough


Liquid dishes will always protect the food from moisture. Reduce irritation. If your baby is still breastfeeding, then breastfeeding is the best medicine for breastfeeding. Give the same thing. Antibodies in breastfeeding will cure the cough.

Raise the head

If you are suffering from cough, fold a small headband or tap and put it under the baby’s head. Make sure it is soft because of your child’s use.

Shower steam

Dusting of the ghost is good for burning. This is right for adults and how to kids? Pour the warm water into the bathroom and keep the door shut and you stay in the bathroom. That steam is good for the baby.

Saline traps

These traps do not heal directly from the dry cough. But you can fix the nasal issue and keep your baby breathed smoothly. These drugs made of salt water are good medicine for children.


This is a medicine that can be used for more than one year of age. This honey treatment is traditionally used. If the bark and honey mix properly, the dandruff will be fine.

Cumin water

The best food digest for digestion For children, it is good to give cold water to the kids. Boil the cumin in water and filter the cumin water. You can give it to the baby when the water is thrown.

Chicken soup

There are plenty of nutrients in home cooked chicken soup. Add chicken soup with garlic.

Yellow milk

Antibacterial nutrients can be resistant to the presence of yellow. Turmeric Milk spray for children over a year will cause irritation of irritation and coughing. The yellow and cinnamon masala mixed with turmeric milk spices will cause drought to cirp quickly.

Eucalyptics balm

Take a bath of 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil in a bucket of bathing baby.

For some children, viruses caused by viruses will take time to get rid of cough. Other problems can be easily adjusted to reduce the problem of inflammation.


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