Foods of the pregnancy period


Women should be very careful during pregnancy. The doctor should ask the heartbeat on the 32nd day of pregnancy. That is where it is, the embryo is made sure that the embryo has taken a healthy metaphor. It is the duty of the girl to look after the girl in the stomach of the woman in the stomach. Usually, you have to eat what you like during your pregnancy. But this should not be harmful to the child and the woman. An average of 300 calories require more than a man to have. Do not eat foods like cake and ice cream and do not get calories. Take it as nutritious foods. You should follow healthy eating habits for your child’s body and brain development. As Mahabharat heard from the sanctum sanctorum of Abhimanyu, the brain development of all children would begin from the mantle.

Here are some of the food habits you need to make sure that you grow up in a balanced way:
Green vegetable and fruit:

Nowadays pregnant women need to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Hemorrhoids are very common during pregnancy. This is something that comes from malarikal. To prevent this, spinach and bananas should be taken very high. Similarly, the fruits should be consumed without fruit. Eat fruit in sweet fruit is not getting the fruits of fruit.
Liquid food:

    Water: Drink more water than normal people. This is a solution for problems like vomiting and headaches. It also helps to repair infections in the kidney path.
Lemon juice: It is refreshing. Vitamin C is too much. During pregnancy, it helps to absorb iron easily.
Cold water: It contains potassium and magnesium. It controls body heat. Not only that, but also helps keep blood pressure smooth.
    Buttermilk: Calorie intake of pregnant women in pregnancy

Why should you eat nutritious meals when you are pregnant?

Pregnancy-related diarrhea is very common in pregnant women when it comes to malnutrition. This makes you feel a little fatigued with physical fatigue and the nutritional needs of your nursing baby are not available. By eating healthy food during pregnancy, those nutrients stay in your body and reinforce the baby.
What are the nutrients that pregnant women should take?
1. Iron:

Pregnant women need 22 mg of iron intake daily. This iron is much more common in animals than plants. Due to the lack of nutrients during pregnancy, it may be difficult to see the heart’s function. Therefore, you have 30 to 50 percent blood circulation. Ironing is essential for pregnant women.

  1. Bolate:Vitamin B is essential for the health and development of your nursing baby. When you take this vitamin-B diet, you may lose your child’s birth defects.
  2. Iodine:This Iodine is essential for our body, but it is important to realize the need. This nutrient enables the production of body temperature, metabolism, reproductive function, production of blood cells, nervousness and muscle function to help produce the thyroid hormone production. This thyroid hormone is secreted in the neck area.
  3. Zinc:

    It is a gene that gives our baby the nature of our nourishment. We need to add zinc to the function of this gene. Cell growth is rapidly achieved by taking this nutrient. The amount of zinc that pregnant women should take is 11 mg a day.
  4. Vitamin D:Vitamin D helps to strengthen your bone. Vitamin D plays a significant role in your child’s development. Calcium and phosphate in vitamin D helps to strengthen your bone and teeth. Your baby’s bone is very soft when you eat less than vitamin D. Even if it falls down slightly, it is more likely that a fracture can occur.
  5. Vitamin – C:

    Vitamin C gives blood to your baby and your baby. The blood vessels also help strengthen this vitamin-C collagen production.
  6. Calcium:

    Calcium is required for children’s teeth and bone strength. Pregnant women should take 1000 mg (more than 18 years of age).
  7. Fiber:

    Constipation during pregnancy is found in pregnant women. It is noteworthy that this fiber is a very important nutrient.

What food should you eat
1. Milk related material:

Pregnant women are required to produce milk. Because milk contains two types of high quality protein. They are Kachin and the Way. When you take this milk-related diet you get the protein and calcium needed for you and the baby in your womb.
What are the benefits?

– Pre-emulsion problem will be avoided.

Pregnancy can prevent diabetes.

– Infectious problems in the genitalia will be problematic.

– Allergy will put an end to the problem involved.

  1. Pulses:When you are pregnant you need to add pulses, peas, beans, flour, soybeans and peanuts. These nutrients contain plant nutrients, soluble fats, iron, protein, bolt (B9) and calcium.
    What are the benefits?- Protect you from heart disease

    – Delivering from diabetes.

    – Prevent cancer.

    – Pregnancy is a time limit for constipation.

  2. Sugar Beetroot: This sugar is a beta-carotene in the tapioca, which gives the body a vitamin-A nutrition. Vitamin A – A for pregnant women is between 10 and 40 percent. Also sugar fiber is fiber, which gives you the nutritional needs of the body.
    What are the benefits?- Restricts blood sugar levels and adjusts.

    – Provides a solution for digestive problems

    – The movement of the body is greatly helpful.

  3. Salmon Fish:One of the most important foods that pregnant women take during pregnancy are salmon fish. This fish contains omega-3 fatty acids. Omega – 3 fatty acid is found in seafood. This fatty acids are called DHA and EPA. This EPA + DHA is a day we take 1000 mg and it will cause cardiovascular diseases. Likewise, pregnant women take only twice a week for seafood. This is because there is much more to Mercury in this seafood. It is a liquid that pregnant women should avoid.
  4. What are the benefits?

    – Helps the fetus’s brain and eye development.- Help to strengthen the bone.

    – Increase resistance power.

    – Naturally salmon contains vitamin-D in fish.

  5. Eggs:

    Pregnant women should be very careful in eating eggs. Because if you do not cook it properly, it causes unwanted nausea and problem for pregnant women. That is when you eat properly, all the nutrients get a little bit of eggs. A large egg contains 77 calories of high quality protein and fat. Vitamin and minerals are also available for you.
    What are the benefits?- It helps your brain’s brain development.- The protein in this gives health.

    – Decreases the problem of osteoporosis.

    – Enhances brain function.

  1. Broccoli and green leaves:All the nutritional supplements in pregnancy are in pregnancy. Yes, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Bolate and Potassium are present in this broccoli.
    What are the benefits?

    – Increase resistance.

    – Give the digestive problem a solution.

    – To get constant.

    – The baby’s birth can help not to lose weight.

  1. Thin Meat:Meat is good when it comes to pregnancy. But it should be well boiled thin meat. There is a high quality protein in pork and chicken. Besides, iron in the pork, colin and vitamin B are very large. These nutrients are mandatory for pregnant women. But it is important to eat and drink regularly.
    What are the benefits?

    – Helps the production of hemoglobin.

    – Helps increase the blood for the third 3 month pregnant women.

    – Helps to get rid of blood.

  2. Fish liver oil:This is an oil taken from a fish. This oil contains the Omega-3 fatty acid EPA and DHA. Vitamin D is also rich in fish oil.
    What are the benefits?- Pre-Eclampsia will prevent the problem

    – Controlling high blood pressure.

    – Foot and hands will cure swelling.

    – The baby’s body weight will also help.

  3. Berry:It contains hydrochloric, healthy carbohydrate, vitamin-C, and fiber. These berries are also a wonderful food you can take when you are pregnant.
    What are the benefits?

    – Help improve skin health.

    – Opposite power.

    – Control the blood sugar level.

  1. Whole grains:These cereals are the main food for pregnant women in the third and third months of pregnancy, which gives your body the necessary calories. Cereals also contain fiber, vitamins and plant nutrients. For this reason, they want pregnant women to add oats.
    What are the benefits?

    – Helps treat the constipation.

    – Helps put an end to the diarrhea.

    – Support for the development of the child.

  1. Avado:It is an unusual fruit and contains fatty acids. The avocado fruit contains fiber, vitamin-B, vitamin-K, potassium, vitamin E and vitamin C. And it is healthy food for pregnant women because it contains healthy fat, bolate, and potassium in Avado.
    What are the benefits?

    – Helps protect skin.

    – Brain development is greatly supported.

    – Helps the development of the fetus’s tissue.

    – Pregnancy timing is the solution to the problem.

  1. Dry fruits:This dried fruit contains calories, fiber, various vitamins and minerals. Almost all the nutrients in the fresh fruit are always on dry fruit. Therefore, a person who consume dry fruit with its food gets vitamins and minerals as well as fats, iron and potassium.
    What are the benefits?

    – helps to get rid of constipation.

    – Helps fix the problem of pregnancy.

    – Natural sugar levels are available through dry fruit.

  2. Water:You need enough water during pregnancy and your nourished baby may also be needed. So take a lot of water. Water is the only solution to many problems in our body. The reason is that the blood volume of pregnant women should rise to 1.5 liters. Then there will always be no physical drought.
    What are the benefits?- Water is necessary to repair the headache.

    – Drink enough water to stay out of tension.

    – Help reduce fatigue and get health.

    – helps to get rid of constipation.

    – Avoid the problem of urinating.

Help for bone development:

It is necessary to eat pulses. Almonds and almonds can be eaten. This is good for the baby’s brain development. Cashew nuts should be eaten as a whole. Otherwise the weight will be met. Do not eat three meals and eat food six times.
Dry oatmeal, pearl pomegranate, boiled chickpeas, sprouted pulses can be eaten in the evening.
If you eat mushrooms, you can get fish and egg nut in the diet. It is good to avoid foods that are cooked in the oil, which are exposed to gasoline. The coconut meal should be avoided. If you are on the tip, you can take a handful of vegetables with apple, watermelon, pear and sauce with vegetable oil.
Folic acid is one of the most important in pregnancy. It helps to keep the child’s back on the back of the child and the main development of the brain. It is not enough to take this acid through dietary methods. Doctors recommend taking vitamins and calcium pills. This acid is obtained through natural foods such as green vegetables, whole grains and citrus fruits.
Pregnant women can drink saffron in milk or water for up to three days a week. It protects the baby from birth, not only for the baby to be red.
Women who do not reach the age of 35 have to walk for at least twenty minutes of pregnancy every day. Pregnant women over the age of 35 should act according to the doctor’s advice.

Foods that cannot be taken:

Do not drink greenery.

Do not take the boiled eggs.

Do not take the body temperature and gas flush foods.

Cafe, tea and chocolate should be taken in the most caffeine foods.

In the first three months of pregnancy, do not add too much garlic, jaggery and tamarind.   From the fourth month, garlic can be avoided to avoid gas problem.

Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy.

When a baby is born, the mother is also born. Until then she has a claim that she is a woman. It is important to take care of such a mother as a viewpoint. Keeping the body and mind healthy is essential.


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