Change of food for children


The family members who took diet for diabetes, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, osteoarthritis, migraines, PCOD have been diagnosed with diets and have benefited from the results.
Our children need to get the fruits that we have achieved, and our parents will have to ask our parents to come up before our children suffer …
One of their pleasant memories of children’s growing season is the taste of mom’s food. Do not take those sweet memories out of them. Children who are aware of the types of sweets in advertising and other children are very much interested in tasting them. Little explanation about it …
Slightly large children – from 13 to 18 years old, bring them into your diet system by little …

For children aged 3 to 12 must be forced out of the coca, pizza, burger, bagged chips, carbonated soft drinks, panipuri, and parata.

Breastfeeding up to 0-3 years old + is the only foods your doctor recommends.
Give me the sweet chocolates just like chocolate on a day in a week. Even though it is difficult at first, a child who gets accustomed to go. If the relatives / companions of the other days give gifts of sweets on the other day, the child should be told to eat on Saturday. In that way you can sit and talk with the child and make this point understand. This makes the baby’s healthier healthier and healthier at 10 years old and does not run to the dentist with a hole in the tooth.

Every day you have to start giving one egg. Even if you are not an egg, you have to do this compromise. In your competitive world, do not your child grow with intelligence and physical / mental health? So I definitely want to give you an egg (frog or broiler) on a day.
Children do not need diet. Our group’s suggestion is to avoid garbage dishes and keep it as sweets for a day.


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