About Us

About me

I am K. Arumugam Bachelor Engineer. I am running a private office in Pudukottai district, Ponnamaravathi.

I like books very much. My world revolves around books.

– Historical novels, social novels, Tamil literature and Denali Raman stories, can’t sleep without finishing anything.

I am in the construction industry so I am familiar with Vastu.

Life is an opportunity. It would be more correct to say only one chance rather than one chance. A scholar said that our life depends on how we use that wonderful opportunity.

Shastras guide us to lead such a good life.

So, the shastras I read, the experiences of Vastu scholars and my interactions with them are spent reading books and using social websites like Quora. So, I created this site to share with others what I have studied, book and read on the internet.